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Junior Combatives Ages 9 to 14 years


The Rules of Engagement

Posted on our Gym wall above our training mats you will find the Rules of Engagements. We teach all classes precisely when they can, and cannot, use the techniques they are learning.

Rule 1: Avoid the fight at all costs.
Rule 2: If physically attacked, defend yourself.
Rule 3: If verbally attacked, follow the Three T-steps (talk, tell, tackle).
Rule 4: Never punch or kick the bully, establish control and negotiate.
Rule 5: When applying submissions use minimal force and negotiate.


Junior Combatives Program Details

 At this stage in your child’s Jiu Jitsu journey they will be ready to study the highly effective self-defense techniques included in our Adult Combatives Program. The Junior Combatives Program is founded on the same techniques to ensure a smooth transition in the Adult Programs.

The Junior Combatives course is broken down into 33 classes and each technique is simplified and taught with safety tips to ensure your child learns the technique in a safe and friendly environment.

After techniques are properly executed and understand they will be prepared to combine many techniques in combination with each other.  They will be confident and ready to move into the Gracie Combatives adult curriculum. 

33 Course Lessons

Lesson 1: Trap & Roll

Lesson 2: Americana ArmLock

Lesson 3: Positional Control (Mount)

Lesson 4: Take the back (Mount)

Lesson 5: Leg Hook Takedown

Lesson 6: Clinch (Aggressive Opponent)

Lesson 7: Punch Block Series (Stages 1-4)

Lesson 8: Straight Armlock

Lesson 9: Elevator Sweep

Lesson 10: Elbow Escape

Lesson 11: Positional Control (Side Mount)

Lesson 12: Body Fold Takedown

Lesson 13: Clinch (Conservative Opponent)

Lesson 14: Headlock Counters

Lesson 15: Double Leg Takedown

Lesson 16: Headlock Escape 1

Lesson 17: Straight Armlock

Lesson 18: Double Ankle Sweep

Lesson 19: Pull Guard

Lesson 20: Headlock Escape 2

Lesson 21: Shrimp Escape

Lesson 22: Kimura Armlock

Lesson 23: Standing Headlock Defense

Lesson 24: Punch Block Series (Stage 5)

Lesson 25: Hook Sweep

Lesson 26: Rear Takedown

Lesson 27: Haymaker Punch Defense

Lesson 28: Take the Back (Guard)

Lesson 29: Guillotine Defense

Lesson 30: Elbow Escape

Lesson 31: Standing Armlock

Lesson 32: Twisting Arm Control

Lesson 33: Double Underhook Guard Pass